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What is PEXCast?

PEXCast is your one stop shop for valuable insight recorded at the leading PEX Network conferences from across the globe. Simply create your account, purchase the video(s) then watch it back on demand. Once registered you have the options to purchase:

  1. A single presentation
  2. All sessions from a particular conference
  3. Access to our entire library for 12 months with PEXPass for only $499. During the year you will have access to all new sessions added. We will be recording 9 new conferences between Aug 2017 and April 2018 - so plenty of new insight for you to watch.

Why Sign up for PEXCast?

  • Team Training and Insight > If you attended one of our events you may wish to share specific presentations you feel your team would need to watch.
  • Fill a Knowledge Gap > Have you recently been given responsibilities that means you need to learn more, fast, about an industry or specific topic? We can help you fill this knowledge gap with our expertly produced sessions and have you up to speed in no time.
  • Revisit your favorite sessions > Do you want to relive that great presentation?
  • You missed a session > Was their a time conflict when at the conference between two sessions you wanted to watch and you had to miss one?
  • You missed the event > Despite you not being able to attend, you can still catch all the valuable insight and inspiration.